Our inspiration for creating jewelry derives from nature,
which serves as an endless source of creativity and beauty,
emphasizing its raw, authentic form.


Handcrafted rings made of 925 sterling silver, distinguished by their unique untreated, smooth, and glossy form inspired by the beauty of nature. You will discover unique pieces accompanied by semi-precious stones, adding striking color and brilliance. Each ring is designed with attention to detail.

handmade earrings silver 925


In this collection, you will discover handmade earrings made of sterling silver 925. From wavy hoops and double ovals to geometric shapes like squares and triangles, each design exudes natural beauty with its untreated, smooth, and glossy texture. You will also find earrings adorned with semi-precious stones in various colors and patterns.

 The handmade necklace is made of 925 sterling silver. It features a carved design, and at the end, there is a chain. The surface is polished, giving it a glossy finish


In this collection, you will discover handmade necklaces. Each piece highlights a unique beauty, with various unprocessed forms that showcase the natural and refined elegance of silver. The addition of semi-precious stones in different shades adds a distinctive character to the chains, bringing sparkle and vibrancy to each individual piece. All necklaces are crafted from sterling silver 925, offering decorative pieces that exude authenticity and add a discreet elegance to every appearance.

Handcrafted minimalistic bracelet with a raw texture, made from sterling silver 925


In this collection, you will find handmade bracelets for both the wrist and ankle, crafted from sterling silver 925. Most designs feature a raw texture, while their surface is smooth and glossy.