Our jewelry is crafted from 925 sterling silver.

To maintain the original shine and luster of your jewelry, we have prepared some indicative care tips:

Tip 1


It is advisable to remove your jewelry before sleep or any physical activity. The pH of the skin can affect the jewelry and cause them to lose their shine.

Tip 2

Keep away

It is recommended to keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight and moisture such as water, saltwater, chlorine, perfumes, hand and body creams.

Tip 3

Jewelry box

Use a jewelry box with a soft lining for better preservation and to avoid friction.

Tip 4


If your jewelries tarnishes, put in a bowl of warm water a little baking soda and stir to create a mixture. Place the jewelries in the mixture and leave them for 5 minutes. Remove the jewelries from the bowl and gently clean them with a soft toothbrush. Rinse them with clean water and finally dry them with a soft and dry cloth.